In my other life I am Dr. Michael Jeitler, MD, and I work in Naturheilkunde im Immanuel Krankenhaus (only in German). I’m very  interested in research in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), especially in Mind-Body Medicine. My dissertation is about meditation and chronic pain syndromes.

We have a qualitative research project in self-transcendent experiences and near-death experiences. If you have experience in qualitative research and want to participate, please contact me!

Here are my Publications:

Jeitler M, Jaspers J, von Scheidt C, Koch B, Michalsen A, Steckhan N, Kessler CS. Mind-Body Medicine and Lifestyle Modification in Supportive Cancer Care: a Cohort Study on a Day Care Clinic Program for Cancer Patients. Psychooncology 2017.

Kumar S, Rampp T, Kessler C, Jeitler M, Dobos GJ, Lüdtke R, Meier L, Michalsen A. Effectiveness of Ayurvedic Massage (Sahacharadi Taila) in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Altern Complement Med. 2017 Feb;23(2):109-115.

Michalsen A, Kunz N, Jeitler M, Brunnhuber S, Meier L, Lüdtke R, Büssing A, Kessler C. Effectiveness of focused meditation for patients with chronic low back pain-A randomized controlled clinical trial. Complement Ther Med. 2016 Jun;26:79-84.

Jeitler M, Brunnhuber S, Meier L, Ludtke R, Bussing A, Kessler C, Michalsen A. Effectiveness of jyoti meditation for patients with chronic neck pain and psychological distress – a randomized controlled clinical trial. J Pain 2015;16:77-86.

Michalsen A, Jeitler M, Brunnhuber S, Lüdtke R, Büssing A, Musial F, Dobos G, Kessler C. Iyengar Yoga for Distressed Women: A 3-armed randomized controlled trial. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2012;2012:408727.

Michalsen A, Traitteur H, Lüdtke R, Brunnhuber S, Meier L, Jeitler M, Büssing A, Kessler C. Yoga for chronic neck pain: a pilot randomized controlled clinical trial. J Pain 2012;13:1122–30.

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